Jordan Sneakers and Jordan Shoes Review

I bought these Mens  Air Max shoes from Finish Line just the other day. They’re perfect for winter time lifting/cross training because they are very low profile but still substantial enough that your feet won’t freeze. I use my vibrams for lifting normally but it’s a pain packing those as well as wearing my running shoes to the gym during the winter when it’s too cold to walk around outside in the vibrams. They would also be fine for sprints and cardio machines, but I wouldn’t recommend them for running long distance. They’d get worn out too quickly and would be hard on your feet and legs if you’re not used to barefoot running. I got the Pink/Black/Yellow-ish ones and I really like the colors.

I’ve worn Nike “Free” running shoes for 8 or 9 years, now. I have an extremely large Achilles tendon that, frankly, gets abused by the plastic piece in the back of 90% of sneakers. I have very high arches, and have always needed extra support from whatever athletic shoes or cleats I’ve purchased, regardless of the expense or style. On top of all that, I am a bartender/chef/caterer and am on my feet ALL DAY. But once I discovered the “Free” style, there was no turning back! All problems solved due to the super-contouring design that lacks any solid plastic ‘bones’ and amazingly specific fit.

My only issues with the design of this jordan women shoes were that (1) I would wear a pair out at nearly double the rate of other shoes, especially the soles, and (2) they were not ideal for any kind of cross-training, due to the lack of a “grippy” sole.

sneakers With the “Free Bionic” style, both issues are solved! You get the best of both worlds: the fabulous fit and lightweight design that the “Free” style is known for, and a really sturdy, thick, sole that has tons of traction. I’ve been wearing my current pair for just under 6 months, non-stop (literally to work and the gym EVERY DAY, 12-18 hour days) and I am just beginning to see enough significant wear and tear that I am ordering another set. I believe I will get TWO pairs of cheap jordan sneakers this time, one for work and one for gym activities, because I think the wear and tear from the gym is a lot less significant than work and, hopefully, that pair will stay newer, longer.


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